Low Carb Economic Breakfast Noodles

The quintessential Singapore breakfast “Economic Fried Beehoon with egg, sausage and luncheon meat”. Image credit: peepor.net I woke up this morning feeling hungry. Saturdays used to be my marketing/hawker food breakfast day but that hasn’t happened for a really long time. A typical cheap and quick breakfast would be the “Economic Fried Beehoon/noodles” that usually … More Low Carb Economic Breakfast Noodles

Indonesian Soto Ayam

All right I give in. After I had posted about the bergedil recipe and had a couple of friends raving about Soto Ayam (apparently Bergedil should be eaten with Soto Ayam) I kept thinking about it and finally decided to make it! So my deep dark confession is that I am not that fond of … More Indonesian Soto Ayam

Low Carb Bergedil (Malay “Potato” Patties)

I’m feeling awfully pleased with myself. Today somebody shared a post on FB by Ieatishootipost on Bergedil and I immediately had a craving. Bergedil is a Malay potato patty that is made from mashed potatoes, fried shallots, coriander and/or spring onions, dipped in egg and fried. It is often eaten as an accompaniment to other … More Low Carb Bergedil (Malay “Potato” Patties)