10 Minute Low Carb Black Bean Stew

      I’ve created a monster. I staggered up this morning to discover that kid #1 needed breakfast and there was “nothing to eat in the house”. Now if anyone has ever been in my home you will know that there is always an abundance of food flowing out of every fridge, freezer, and cupboard. … More 10 Minute Low Carb Black Bean Stew


Low Carb Tuna Patties

   Yesterday was the loveliest day ever. I finally managed to make it to the Botanic Gardens and serendipitously it was the Singapore-Germany Jubilee Concert in the park. Great jazz music, free pretzels and picnic mats and other freebies…what’s not to like? But it was a little optimistic to expect to go out to the … More Low Carb Tuna Patties