Green Tea Cheesecake Bites

There’s been a hilarious train of failed bakes. In an attempt to stop kid#2 become a complete slug in the lockdown period, I tasked her to make some mug cakes and they came out…um…weird. Luckily the kids were hungry enough to finish them off. Then I got helper D to try out some keto hot … More Green Tea Cheesecake Bites


Homemade Bento Bowl

So Singapore announced a partial lockdown for Tuesday. What completely confused me was the number of people who went out and congregated in advance of the lockdown! I saw people posting their “last” favorite meals, and inexplicably there was a snaking queue outside IKEA. What furniture you need for a lockdown I have seriously no … More Homemade Bento Bowl

Fish Zoodle Soup

So it’s happening soon. The dreaded lockdown. Although it’s not called a lockdown here, it’s a circuit breaker. A (hopefully) limited shutdown or reset of the system. So schools and non-essential businesses will be closed till the end of April. Of course working in healthcare means that I don’t get to work from home, but … More Fish Zoodle Soup