In Defence of Bacon

   Pigs will fly the day I stop eating bacon. Most people would be familiar by now with the latest World Health Organization recommendation to avoid processed meats because they increase the risk of cancer by 18%. The IARC working group under the WHO therefore put processed meat consumption into the same risk category as smoking. … More In Defence of Bacon

Low Carb Loco Moco

   Life is full of remakes. I remember growing up with the Hawaii Five-O theme running through my head with the iconic surfing scene.    Watching old episodes now it is hard to sit through the stilted acting and the simplistic story lines; the current remake of the show is much edgier and fast moving. … More Low Carb Loco Moco

Kimchi Jigae

   Ok I admit it. I haven’t gotten over my Korean food cravings yet. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m enamoured of all things Korean at the moment…and still unpacking all those cosmetics I splurged on in Seoul. But I kid you not, 1 week of using these facial products and I can see and … More Kimchi Jigae

Low Carb French Pear and Chocolate Tart

   Repetition rocks. The neuroscience of learning centers on repetition to engrave pathways and reinforce facilitation at the synapses. In human speak, it just means that practice makes perfect and learning needs repetition. So in clinic when faced with a child with a learning disability, I often have to underline the importance of repetition in … More Low Carb French Pear and Chocolate Tart

Spicy Fish Stew

   Exams are over! Or almost – kid #2 only has Chinese listening comprehension exam left and kid #1 was done last week. Now that kid #1’s exams are over we are seeing even less of him than before. I’m getting a little taste of empty nest syndrome; I suppose that is only to be … More Spicy Fish Stew