Kimchi Chaffles

February has turned out to be an interesting month. It was just over 2 weeks ago when we celebrated Chinese New Year. January was all about the crowds, new year preparations, buying sprees, marketing and supermarketing. Then the Covid19 outbreak happened and suddenly the face of Singapore has changed. Shopping centers are thinly populated as … More Kimchi Chaffles

Unagi Seaweed Noodle Bites

I usually have a large monthly planner on the refrigerator. And I realise over the past few months that we’ve been entertaining intensely! We’ve had many groups of people coming; cell group, mentoring groups, family, work colleagues…the security guards seem to know that our condo unit is like party central! They seem to usher everybody … More Unagi Seaweed Noodle Bites

Dorscon Orange – A Healthcare Worker’s Perspective

So it has finally happened. Singapore is in Dorscon (Disease Outbreak Response Condition) Orange, which means that there has been local untraceable transmission of the novel coronavirus. Working in the hospital I was just waiting for this; we already were prewarned that our vacation leave would be cancelled and we would have to work in … More Dorscon Orange – A Healthcare Worker’s Perspective