Christmas Frenzy

Christmas is coming!

The baking has started and I thought this brief post would just link a couple of great recipes for Christmas baking.

Now these little guys are crazy good. I’m baking a huge batch of this for my clinic nurses (the many long-suffering souls who stay back when my clinic inevitably runs late), as well as my endocrinologist (to convince him that low carb is great and sustainable).

All hail the queen of low carb baking and her Gingerbread and Cheesecake Bites.

Packed and ready to go!

I also had a crateload of fun yesterday making gingerbread men. I admit these weren’t quite the chewy gingerbread men I used to make but these still definitely had a Christmassy flavour and held up well to handling and icing. As you can see I got a little bored after a while and the little men got more and more manic-looking as time went on.

Kid#2 gave up after decorating 1 man and a couple of stars…in the end I felt I was like the kid left to play alone in the sandbox…but I guess the inner child in me hopped out and took over the icing decorating happily.

So thanks again to Carolyn Ketchum, the genius behind the All Day I Dream About Food blog for her Classic Gingerbread Men recipe.

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

This Christmas centerpiece was made by one of my patients with fine motor difficulties…completely amazing.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Frenzy

  1. I love your blog, and thank you for these alternatives to Christmas baking. With 2 teenage boys in the house, and a history of manic Christmas baking (before I was a full-time teacher), I need something to help them feel in the holiday spirit. We have tons of snow where we come from, and it’s a little depressing right now. These upside down gingermen will make a big difference.

    1. Thanks so much Laura! It’s either hot or rainy where I am and we never see a white Christmas! But you are right that the holiday spirit starts from the home and not the mall…happy baking!

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