Teochew Scallop Porridge

This week was rough. I was felled by a horrendous bout of food poisoning and the suspect food was homemade kimchi. This was a cautionary tale about doing home fermentation – obviously we grew E. coli rather than benign bacterial species. So anyway the tummy has been rather tender over the past week and no wonder I’ve turned to lighter comfort food.

I’ve always loved porridge. Unlike dear hubs who associates porridge with the unpleasant memories of childhood illnesses, porridge has always been something I’ve loved and I could live on it for weeks. I think growing up with rice porridge I’ve always loved the gooey goodness of cantonese porridge, which is distinct from the discrete rice and soup texture of teochew porridge. Doing porridge low carb however does not give a gooey texture but reminds me more of the teochew type of porridge. Cauliflower when cooked like this gives a sweetness that rice does not have.

Porridge is a great carrier for ingredients. It can be as simple as shredded chicken breast or fish slices, or as complex as a mish mash of ingredients that I will list here. This porridge uses dried scallops as a base, which is one of the distinctives of Teochew seafood porridge. I also added pork, century egg and braised peanuts for a rich, ingredient filled meal. This is truly a full meal in itself and was very satisfying for a wobbly tummy!


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