Beef Noodle Soup

People can be so annoying. I was in the condo lift last night and this young brash expat-type (non-local) Millennial was having difficulties figuring out the lift system. The building has private lifts that you can access the floor only if you have intercommed the home owner. He was griping that “Singapore is such a … More Beef Noodle Soup

Korean Japchae

   Chinese New Year was a blast! For some reason I actually am usually apprehensive about CNY, mainly because I have to face up to a bunch of relatives who will usually comment on 1. my weight gain 2. why my kids are not achieving academically 3. why I am so busy (subtext of why … More Korean Japchae

In Defence of Bacon

   Pigs will fly the day I stop eating bacon. Most people would be familiar by now with the latest World Health Organization recommendation to avoid processed meats because they increase the risk of cancer by 18%. The IARC working group under the WHO therefore put processed meat consumption into the same risk category as smoking. … More In Defence of Bacon