Crab Omelette Lettuce Cups

I have two crabby gangs…no it’s nothing to do with the mood or demeanor of these ladies, it’s the fact that we all adore eating crab. Crab is one thing hubs and I don’t see eye to eye on – he is ever so obliging and will happily bring me to eat crab but he … More Crab Omelette Lettuce Cups


Low Carb Ipoh Hor Fun

Dad just celebrated his 84th birthday! It was a rather muted celebration because mum has Covid-19 and we couldn’t have visitors over. We ordered a special parents’ set lunch from Putien and he really enjoyed that. I’m thankful that he has an amazing appetite and really loves his food. He’s always been very adventurous food-wise, … More Low Carb Ipoh Hor Fun

Miso Cod

So I’ve been on a nomadic marketing journey because my regular market in Whampoa is under renovation. The last time Whampoa market was closed it was under rather unfortunate circumstances as there was a Covid-19 cluster among the stall holders. I think the market was closed for 2-3 weeks only but I was already rather … More Miso Cod