My Zhoug Recipe

One thing about low carb cooking is that spices become really important to balance some of the stodginess of just meat or just vegetables. I sometimes meet people who say they would never go low Carb because it’s too restrictive or that the food gets too boring. So early on I discovered the importance of … More My Zhoug Recipe

Rainbow Noodles

Today was a cheery day! Easter is a happy day for the family, remembering the joyful season (no bunnies included) and a weekend off work. It’s pretty much my first weekend off after a couple of crazy busy months and it was so wonderful to potter around the kitchen and to think up crazy recipes. … More Rainbow Noodles

Curry in a Hurry

Weekends are precious to me…but since I had to attend an annual general meeting this morning, there was impetus to prepare something really quickly for hubs and I. When we first got married, we loved to go to a coffee shop called Loon Seng which had a killer curry noodle that we adored. What was … More Curry in a Hurry