Living the way I do…

Living in Singapore, you would know that Singapore, this tiny red dot, island city is a Mecca of street food. It is the place for a superlative gastronomic existence…except if you happen to need to live a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Surviving in carb city is no easy feat and eating sans carb can be quite a challenge if you are used to a certain way of life. I remember the week I first started on the low carb journey, I realised it was the end of breakfast at hawker centers. No more bak chor mee pok, vegetarian bee hoon, roti prata or tau huay…I like to think that there are some stall owners who miss me :-). It was a wistful goodbye to a whole lot of food especially if you average 30g of carbs a day. Thankfully, I love cooking and it IS possible to survive well on a low carb lifestyle in an extremely carb-y world. Welcome to my life and a bunch of recipes that have ensured that I maintain rationality despite a constant assault of cravings. Welcome to my low carb world!

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