Low Carb Cheese Crackers

It’s Good Friday. This month has been a precious time of discovery that God speaks louder than words and that love is more than an emotion. Today was a day for deep gratitude – and no less for the journey that I have been on for the past few months to step out of my comfort zone. In John 21, Jesus asks Peter the same searching question three times – do you love me? And Jesus’ simple instruction to Peter’s response was “follow me”. What price does one pay to follow Jesus? In some parts of the world, the price is life itself. And sometimes I wonder if our discipleship lacks grit because we don’t face overt opposition in Singapore. I remember when I was doing my fellowship in NY, I was surprised that Good Friday was not a holiday in the US. And I am glad that in Singapore that is a secular yet plural society that we are given this opportunity to have the day off to reflect and spend in worship.

Good Friday also follows hard on the Brussels bombing, the latest in a string of global terror attacks that undermines our sense of safety and rationality. In the face of inexplicable evil Good Friday reminds us of God’s unspeakable grace. And in my own comfortable life, I see many marks of God’s grace – for my family, my work and my patients. Even in managing my own health condition I am constantly amazed at the resources I am given to manage my sugars better. I confess I am intrinsically a junk food addict and cheesy biscuits like Goldfish and cheese straws are my weaknesses. I recently came across a recipe on low carb cheese crackers which I share here because it not only meets my snacking needs, it is a womderful snack to travel with. I was recently at the Women’s Breakthrough Weekend where these low carb cheese crackers held up really well throughout the whole retreat. Most of the time, biscuits made of almond meal tend to get soft over time, but these guys stayed crunchy and flavorful throughout. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

Check out the recipe for Texanerin’s Homemade Cheese Crackers here.

(And a thumbs up to D, who faithfully made a huge batch of these (with heart shaped cutouts, no less!) for me. They figured in a big way in our last night’s BTW debrief party.)


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