Surviving Camp – Episode 2

So the exciting thing about camp is that there are >1000 campers using the wobbly wifi at the same time. So the part of surviving camp is living without the internet, blogging and fortunately not living without food. It’s about day 4 of a bunch of soups – and I realize that yet again I have packed too much stuff. So I am grateful for abundance. Which in the end is what camp is about – discovering God’s abundance in my life.

Clockwise from top left: Bean curd skin and cabbage soup, smoked ham and cauliflower rice soup, Camp Covenant photo 2016.

So for those expecting a bunch of recipes – apologies – circumstances dictate that I won’t be able to. Rest assured however that I have proven that I can survive camp without eating any of the meals provided by the hotel. And I was well fed with companionship and great conversations!


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