Low Carb Inari

I just had a brainwave today. I bought some inari on one of my forays to little groceries in search of low carb options. Inari sushi is a lovely sushi item that is a sushi rice filled fried tofu pocket. It can be served with plain sushi rice (my kids used to love this) or … More Low Carb Inari

Caramelized Onion Dip

It’s the second last day of 2017…I’ve finally opened all the Christmas presents and set up my new Nespresso machine (present to myself…bought the machine and told hubs this was his Christmas present to me, only to be told in return that I had gifted him with a golf driver for Christmas!). There are still … More Caramelized Onion Dip

Double Egg Dip

So kid #2 is finally back from her school trip to the UK. She had a whale of a time although I suspect the teachers did not because we chatted with one of her teachers at the airport who said that she was getting too old for this kind of overseas school trip! In keeping … More Double Egg Dip

Whitebait Fritters

I love markets. I recently earned a dirty look from kid#2 – she is going on a school trip to the UK and one of the stops is Borough Market…and I asked her if she would buy me mushrooms and cheese from there 😂. Every time I travel I will usually visit a local market … More Whitebait Fritters

Duck Eggs En Cocotte

   There are moments I’m impressed by myself 😁. Today there was an amazing confluence of great ingredients in the house (thanks E for the ducks eggs and the anchovies in truffle oil!). And somehow, perhaps because I had been watching Chopped over the weekend, the inspiration to do something creative with my ingredients was … More Duck Eggs En Cocotte

Low Carb Tuna Patties

   Yesterday was the loveliest day ever. I finally managed to make it to the Botanic Gardens and serendipitously it was the Singapore-Germany Jubilee Concert in the park. Great jazz music, free pretzels and picnic mats and other freebies…what’s not to like? But it was a little optimistic to expect to go out to the … More Low Carb Tuna Patties