10 tips for going Low Carb

Fruits are relatively high in carbohydrates so choose vegetables over fruits. Small amounts of berries are relatively safe.

Learn to enjoy the natural taste of coffee or tea. Adding sugar to your beverages is one of the fastest ways to stack up empty calories.

100g white rice has 27.6g carbs (about 5 1/2 tsp sugar) and 100g of brown rice has 21.2g carbs (about 4 1/2 tsp sugar). A marginal difference only.

Eggs are a great source of protein and are cheap and affordable. Fears about cholesterol from egg yolks are misplaced as most cholesterol comes from production in the liver rather than the diet.

Fresh food contains no preservatives and tastes amazing! Avoid the mix of chemicals, salt and hidden sugars in processed meats and snacks.

100g cauliflower contains only 5 g carbs…1/5 that of white rice and 1/4 carbs of brown rice.

Eating out is not difficult if you choose meat and vegetables without rice at cooked food stored and choose fish soup, Yong tau foo soup and double boiled soups without noodles or rice.

If you miss noodles, consider using shirataki noodles which taste almost exactly like tang hoon. Zucchini noodles that are spiralized can be used in pastas.

Choose to buy fresh and eat fresh. Wet markets are amazing and supermarkets can be navigated by just looking for fresh produce.

First it was the food pyramid, then the healthy plate. I suggest following this real food pyramid with plenary of healthy oils, meat and fresh vegetables for real balance.


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