Low Carb Sushi Roll

Ok I admit it. I get my kicks now from going to supermarkets. Truth is I’ve always loved supermarkets but now it’s become the highlight of the week. I do a weekly grocery run at the wet market and NTUC, but a couple of days ago I decided to visit Don Don Donki. I actually fell in love with DDD in Japan – all 7 floors of it! Affordable stuff for a country which is not that cheap. I’ve never really liked the Singapore DDD because it’s usually over crowded. But because of the circuit breaker, I think the crowds were thinner and so a foray to DDD was in the works.

So apart from that DDD jingle that plays repeatedly in store (and remains with you as an ear worm for the next 3 days), the visit was fun and a good experience. I picked up some really fresh sashimi grade salmon, and that formed the core of my sushi project.

I’ve always loved sushi and making it has always been a fun activity for the family. But when you’re low carb and cauliflower rice, not sticky japanese rice is your staple, then sushi is not something you would instinctively make. Cauliflower rice has no starch at all and it’s hard to imagine rolling it up in nori seaweed. But I recently saw a post of someone who mixed mayo into the rice and so I decided to try it.

I had some leftover cauliflower rice and a couple of dollops made the mixture more sticky. I think the rolling was definitely harder than with rice as the cauliflower is difficult to pack in, but it was certainly doable. And everything that fell off from the sides became chef’s benefits!

This sushi roll literally had only salmon and cucumber as a filling, but the next time I think I would add avocado into it. It tasted a little like a California roll which usually has mayo in it. I would definitely do this again if there is leftover cauliflower rice in future!

Low Carb Sushi Roll

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 2 cups cooked cauliflower rice
  • 2 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise
  • 4 sheets of nori seaweed
  • 100-150 g block of salmon sashimi
  • 1 japanese cucumber


  1. Slice the salmon into long strips, about 1 cm thick.
  2. Slice the cucumber into 1 cm thick strips. Trim off the seeded portion.
  3. Mix the mayonnaise and cauliflower rice together.
  4. Lay the nori sheet, rough side up on a bamboo rolling mat. Place the cauliflower rice on the half of the seaweed sheet closer to you. Lay one slice of salmon and 1 strip of cucumber in the center. 5. Roll the sushi away from you.
  5. Lay the sushi roll on a cutting board and slice into 1 inch lengths. Serve immediately.

Roll the sushi roll away from you. The rice is extra yellow because this was leftover turmeric cauliflower rice!

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